Thank You

by Crystal Magic



Forever isn’t a duration it’s a feeling. From the first moment I excitedly uttered the words “Crystal Magic!” whilst standing outside a indie-dance evening in 2006, through numerous first listens of friends albums/eps, to the weird nostalgia I recently felt whilst gluing up cd sleeves for the last release: I felt like I was in the depths of forever. Crystal Magic Records was intended to be just a banner for all my pals music, a pseudo-brand we could put some faith in and indirectly promote each others cool ideas by just doing what we did. It felt, at all the times like it’d be something forever-y, for me slowly being good at something for once made me feel like I/it could just KEEP GOING. Roleplaying business-label executive led to me running a label that not only occasionally tripped over the zeitgeist but also at times enabled artists to buy either a takeaway coffee or chip away at their rent. We faked it enough - not to make it - but to at least not give up. Being someone who felt that “giving up” was the only thing I could write on a CV, it was super cool to do something for so long and have it also add value to my community. So, by now you can possibly see that this is clearly going to be an epitaph. Here lies A Forever. RIP CMR.

I’d like to thank all the artists on the label for trusting me with their art/music/ideas/secrets, I relied 100% on your ongoing enthusiasm to get where we got. We essentially played a team-sport for nearly 10 years together, and those memories and triumphs I will remember at the very end. To everyone who ever brought or paid any money… “you guys ; ) , you didn’t need to do that… no really in these times you didn’t even need to. You could have got it all for nothing, so thank you for your $$ and your shares, likes, emails and ♥”. I was of course lucky, and I didn’t get to pursue the terrible idea of being a musician / artist / cd-r label owner without the support of my then-girlfriend (Thanks Bri), my family and my friends. I chose to do this, and everyone was very cool about it, so again <3 thanks <3.

The label will be “immortalised” on bandcamp as a stream only service, that is if it survives through to The Last Days of The Internet. All BUY NOW links will be forwarded to the respected artists sites/emails/portals.

This is merely -A- End. An opportunity to look back and be thankful and pumped about what we all did. To know we are not just musicians but independently can be whole corporations, doing the jobs of many, definitely not well but adequately.

Thanks EVERYONE! This has been a real trip. I'll see you all in the future. You have my <3

Fraser x


released October 29, 2015




Crystal Magic New Zealand

CMR is a bedroom-based CDR / Oddities / Cyber Record Label. Releasing small-run handcrafted WAREZ and exclusive digital-downloads of Inner/Outer-zone pop from New Zealand and abroad.

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